Boxconn Partners KFC Ghana To Power Up Logistics Fleet

If you love eating a KFC Bucket in front of a football game and are probably scared to leave your seat because you may miss that superb goal then you’re in luck. Boxconn Technologies has proudly partnered with KFC Ghana to power up its entire logistics fleet.

Now instead of driving to the nearest KFC store you can simply stay at home and call 0308251000 or WhatsApp to receive your wonderful meal in just a couple of minutes.

What exactly is Boxconn’s role in all this? Well, we’re sort of like the quiet guys behind the scenes. Our technology is what allows KFC’s 20Branches across Ghana to receive your orders, ensure that the correct order gets to a KFC store closest to you, and automatically assigns your order to the rider who can get to you at the fastest time.

We even go a step further to guide riders via the Boxconn Heroes App; the app for delivery riders (don’t worry this will be live for everyone soon *wink*) to use the best possible route. We understand how frustrating it can be to have to phone a rider multiple times while struggling to direct them through every turn on an empty stomach while your food gets cold. Believe me, we’ve been there ourselves.

The Boxconn Hero App

We also understand how devastating it is for restaurants and businesses alike who have been hard hit by the COVID19 pandemic. Even in these hard times we still hope that our technology puts a smile on your face or a loved one's through a partnership such as this one.

We’re here to power up the logistics of any business that needs us. You don't need to have a large delivery fleet like KFC Ghana. Your small Instagram business can also use Boxconn and we’ll provide you with our own fleet of delivery partners.

So remember to call 0308251000 or WhatsApp in order to get some Finger-Lickin' Good meal in the comfort of your home.

Visit Boxconn Technologies here or send us an email at if you’re a business in need of logistics support



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